Ivan Lujanovic, A Top-Line Network Engineer

May 18, 2016
Ever since he started his career as a help desk analyst at Boeing, Ivan Lujanovic has shown himself to be an excellent network engineer. He has plenty of experience, of course, but he also has a passion for helping people, which is a tendency he has demonstrated since the beginning.

Boeing is not only the world’s largest aerospace company and a great place for skilled scientists and thinkers, it’s also a great incubator for engineers and technicians. That experience set him up for his next career move, as a help desk analyst and network and voice administrator at one of the largest lead producers in North America, the Doe Run Company. Once he was there for nearly four years, at which point he needed more if he was to serve clients to the best of his ability.
Ivan Lujanovic realized that, if he wanted to help people to the best of his ability, he needed a more sophisticated base of knowledge from which to work. That’s why he decided to get more technical training and certifications, so he attended Ranken Technical College, where he seriously increased his level of skill and followed that up by earning a a certification as a Cisco Certified Network Associate, which is a routing and switching certification that makes him much better at his job.
These days, Ivan Lujanovic brings a high level of skill to nearly every aspect of network engineering and maintenance, including the ability to troubleshoot problems, to manage projects, manage network changes and a number of other skills. With all of this knowledge and talent, he can make any company more efficient when it comes to their technological processes.